Monday, September 07, 2009

My last official post..

well not really... I started a new slate.... you can now find us here

(okay confession time.... I hadn't blogged in soooo long that I didn't remember where I left it)


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

You'll think I'm nuts.... or that I don't know what I'm on about

You won't believe me

But seriously there was a witness

An independant witness

She's our maternal-child health nurse.... so she should know it when she sees it.

She put him on his tummy to see if he had any head control... and he does... held his head up for a good 10 seconds... a little wobbly near the end.... and then

He rolled over!

Yep... we were both totally gobsmacked.

I guess I can't leave him anywhere and expect him to still be there anymore . Feels like he's growing up too fast already.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tim's words

Making a showing this month are

Oh dear, whata mest (what a mess) - repeated ad infinitum whenever an item is dropped, even if it doesn't make a mess, and particularly if it was dropped semi-on-purpose.... very funny to the parents.

Oh no!

Atoo (we *think* this may be Andrew)

Be (baby)

Boo (boots)


It's okay... I admit it

I suck at blogging. No excuse other than an extreme lack of time... but there it is.

For those of you who haven't caught up (and given that the majority of my readers are likely family!) most of you should know by now that Andrew Michael arrived on Friday the 17th of August... 1 day before he would officially become a trespasser.

Blessed with hair a touch too light to look like he came from his parents, and pretty much clocking the same stats as his bigger brother's he is doing pretty well. The domicillary nurse weighed him on Monday - lost 10 and a half ounces since birth, which was just a bit less than what he was allowed to lose. My maternal (mental) health nurse came and weighed him yesterday (Wednesday) to find that he'd gained back 7 of those ounces. She was amazed... I not so. The 6 feeds in 12 hours the afternoon/night previous explains it clearly!

Anyway... the new kid is asleep and no doubt he'll be calling for my particular services soonish. Photos? well... I'm not posting them here (ha ha) but if you're not family and you know me from elsewhere... then you know where to find them. He is worth a look though... everyone says so. I guess the man of the house and I mix handsome DNA.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How sweet the sounds

a) nap time... oh it's bliss, when it happens.

2) the giggles, the chortling, the laughter.... so much fun, so glad that the little guy is so ticklish

iii) him keeping time with whatever music we have on... currently addicted to Baby einstien (vivaldi is good!)

four) the new words ... so (sock) spoo (spoon) and doh (dog aka Mr Dog)

As for me every time I meet someone (church, playgroup wherever) they seem compelled to tell me how much I've "popped" in the last few weeks. Sigh. That's me... popping out. Lots. Oh and I look tired.... Well no der people!... I'm carrying a baby and a toddler, or carrying a baby and chasing the toddler, pushing the toddler up a 45 degree hill. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that having a baby is going to make you a little weary. Give it a rest... the more you say it - the more I feel it.

Still not suffering from any form of diabetes! Yay... 2 weeks until a Dr will decide whether or not I will be tortured with another GTT.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Words! & the newbie.

New on our list of Tim's words are

Sooes (shoes)
wa-wer (water / drink)
upum (pick me up mum - not said independently, just after I've asked him if he wants to be picked up)

These are of course added to the favourites

Da da da da (that Mummy gets to hear quite frequently when Daddy is at work)
Mum mum mum (that Daddy gets to hear frequently if Mummy is strangely out of sight)

That's about all we've picked up so far. Tim did say something whilst pointing at his dummy this morning... but I need to listen more carefully as I couldn't pick out his sounds very well.

As for the newbie... he is giving every indication that he is as active (and possibly more so) than Tim. Gives good kicks at night and when there's music at church.

On the pregnancy front we have the dreaded GTT on Friday, with luck we'll get a negative result (which will be a positive experience) likely only to have to repeat the experience in a month or so "just in case". Fingers crossed everyone!

Not on the list of development milestones!

Oh how I wish I had a video camera !

Friday night Tim was running around like a mad thing... from the wall on one side of the piano to the other and back again... oh a dozen times.

After a good laugh and wondering what our weird kid was doing we realised that he was making contact with his shadow each time.

He repeated the process the next night... this time going to all the bare walls and touching his shadow... then mine.

I did think I saw him looking for it on Sunday but it was very overcast during the day and I'm not sure he found what he was looking for.

Monday, March 19, 2007

You're invited.....

.....To SnotFest 2007.

Benefits include 5 wakings overnight and a child that is alternately clingy, sniffly, crying and cranky... in no particular order.

Early rumours advised that SnotFest was only going to be a weekend only event, however at the last minute organisers have granted an extension of festivities for an undetmined period of time.Participants are advised that humidifiers are compulsory.

Mothers carrying the Official SnotFest SnotSuckers will be denied access, and those with pirated versions will be screamed at on sight.

Random Door prizes of early appearing canines are still available... only one door prize has been awarded so far, there are 2 more in stock.

Tickets are free and conditions are contagious... just email me for and Access All Areas pass. Get in on SnotFest '07 now... advanced press releases hint that SnotFest '08 will not be a 24/7 rave but a more mellow affair, with all night parties cancelled.

Monday, March 05, 2007

A letter to Him who might know....

Dear God,

I'm just wondering why you've created for me this little boy that lights up my life. But more than that I need to know why, when his friends and relatives have given him so many things worthy of being played with, does he insist that the best playthings are found in the tupperware drawer? Why is it so much fun to stand on the couch, laugh to grab my attention and then take a flying leap off the couch - more or less (mostly less) in the direction of the cushions he has thrown on the floor? What's the attraction to the blind cord, the rubbish bin and the nappy that I'm trying to change and take away (for very good reason!). Are these boy things? If so can we have a little girl this time.. Please? Or is it just what my kids are destined to do???

from Me.

Oh and God.... while you're reading... please be good to my friends J & I... they really, really, really need good stuff at the moment.... make the bone marrow transplant go well, and make it work.... it really is too early to loose him. Sigh.

Yep It's true

We're slackers... we admit it...

but we've been busy since the last post.... busy adding to the family, busy cutting branches off the doomed tree, busy, busy , busy.

No apologies are given.